The Seaport

The Seaport of Acciaroli is together with the large beach of taverns, the pole of attraction of a seaside
tourism that increasingly fits in circuits of quality, national and international. This infrastructure is the
pulsating heart of productive social life of the seacoast village, remaining in balance between recent
developments, originating features architectural and natural beauty of the Mediterranean and arboreal

The marine of Acciaroli, in fact, extends in an area of great environmental value and has become
one of the most importance of the Cilento coast which hosts large luxurious boats, coming from the
north and directed to the Aeolian Islands and in Sicily. Consequently the port area and the same sea
coast village, with its hotels, restaurants, shops, bars, the course and the typical houses in local stones,
the maritime activities and businesses caught at sunset, have become always a vital center of the
territory Pollican residents.

If in summer Acciaroli explodes for a social exuberance diurnal and nocturnal,
as a place of encounter and relational exchange, the penetrating charm of its transparent waters that lap
against the slopes of the hills from the Profiles soft and rounded, would also know in its atmospheric
lighting in the spring and autumn, when the social vitality summer fades to let emerge the mediterranea
balance and the link between human presence and exuberance of the elements of nature.

The port of Acciaroli, is a marina- vessel of class IV. It is protected by a pier breakwater length of 400
meters, to two arms oriented respectively to SSE and if, and from a pier breakwater, of a length of 170
meters, oriented to SSW. The moles enclose two docks completely quays, which illuminates from the
large opening 120 meters and oriented to IF. Therefore, the latter is open to the passing of the latch
which causes the undertow in the basin protected. Can access the port of Acciaroli boats, fishing vessels
and small vessels up to 40 meters in length and up to 3.0 meters of draft. The maximum length around
30 meters. Pleasure to be confidential: in inner dock, a wharf of meters 40; on the quay of Riva, a wharf
of meters 50; on the pier breakwater, a wharf of meters 40.piers managed by private bodies.

During the summer months the port is congested and it is possible to only the mooring. In other seasons
you can moor also arranged side by side. The seabed in the quay goes to 3.0 to 4.0 meters.

Service and public facilities for leisure

460 i posti barca gestiti dal Comune con possibilità di ormeggio al transito;

• distributore comunale di carburanti;
• prese per manichetta;
• Provision of drinking water and electricity for the exclusive use of
the moored vessels;
• Dock lighting;
• Chute;
• Haulage up to 16 t;
• Mobile Crane up to 40 t;
• Outdoor storage;
• Engine repair;
• Electrical repair;
• Repair of wood and steel hulls;
• Guardianship and mooring at the service of post- boat dealers and
• Waste collection;
• Car park;
• Telephones;
• Private dinghy rentals;;
• Sanitary services;
• “Water source”.

at the port area are located the local Maritime Office, the Tourism
Office of the municipality of Pollica, Post Office and some public
exercises.Every Monday hosts a market; during the summer
months is served by the parking of Buses CSTP,From the airport to the sea and from the ticket office. The entire
port area and the port are currently the subject of reinforcement
and redevelopment work with interventions aimed at building
commercial premises on the jetty of breakwaters and extending
the quay. The area will also be subjected to interventions for
paving stone, for the endowment of Public Green and of facilities
works for people with disabilities.

Servizi e attrezzature private per il diporto

• Haulage up to 16 t;
• Mobile crane up to 50 T (Crane truck);
• Travel lift up to 170 t;
• Outdoor/co-storage;
• Engine repair;
• Electrical Repairs Electrical Repairs (on request);
• Repair of hulls in wood, glass and steel.