The legality and the environment: Angelo Vassallo

Respect for the environment and legality. 
These are the resources of tomorrow for the construction
of a new happiness and for a new economy.
Angelo Vassallo

In the last twenty years, the municipality of Pollica has decided to invest efforts and resources towards concrete commitments to legality and the environment. Countless over the years the initiatives undertaken and completed thanks to the joint effort of the administrators and the citizens, united in order to demonstrate how even in the south we can make good politics and together clean economy. This was the route indicated by Angelo Vassallo, this is the direction of administrative making today. Convinced more than ever that this is the only possible way for a  sustainable and lasting development.

Angelo-Vassallo-51 Angelo Vassallo, the fisherman major

Angelo Vassallo was born in Pollica in 1953. Passionate fisherman of politics since his childhood, after he graduated high school, he begins to become more activate , presenting himself to the elections and  winning without interruptions He is mayor of Pollica for three mandates: from 1995 to 1999, from 1999 to 2004 and from 2005 to 2010; President of the mountain community Aleno-Monte Stella from 1999 to 2006, obtaining in 2004 the recognition of mountain communities first in Italy; In 2004, Provincial councillor in Margaret’s lists. Under his leadership, the municipality of Pollica becomes the first tourist municipality of Campania for the separate collection, which reaches 70% thanks to careful self-management of the waste cycle; It is also the first in Cilento to activate the purifying system and optimize the integrated water cycle, through the direct management of the plants and ensuring the treatment of urban wastewater also to neighbouring municipalities: So from 1989 to 2013 the institution is uninterruptedly awarded with the Blue flag-FEE Italia, with the only exclusion of 1994: In 2010 receives also the one for the ports; Then, since 2000, the five sails of League environment and the Italian Touring Club for an environmentally friendly and man-made area, conquering the first place in this ranking in June 2010; In 2005 the municipality of Pollica is awarded as the Green Municipality  of Italy; In 2006 he received the 1st prize Cittaslow; In 2010 the municipality established the Study Centre for the Mediterranean diet that will be recognized intangible heritage of UNESCO in 2011, thanks also to the cultural action, developed on the territory by Angelo Vassallo. The Vassallo style, also made of simple emblematic actions, such as the tax on the green or on the butts of cigarette, is nothing but the normal government of the everyday things, seeing it

As a treasure  of love for nature that has characterized it since its youngest age and is able to transmit naturally to all citizens. And so, Pollica and its suburbs begin a path made of restructuring of the old town, attentive to waste collection, cleanliness of the sea and beaches, attentive to the disabled and consequent abolishment of the architectural barriers, establishment of museums citizens: The Living Museum of the Sea and the Living Museum of Mediterranean diet. Administrative policy gradually begins to draw attention to the national level. His battles for the quality of life do not become a real force of the whole local community, thanks to the transmission of the rules of good living to the fellow citizens and from these to the many tourists who, for years, love and appreciate this small-great village of Italy.