The castle of the Princes Capano

The Castle of the Princes Capano was inherited in 1290 by Guido d'Alment, arrived in Italy followed after
Charles I of Angiò, and subsequently purchased by the family Capano. The current architectural
accommodation is the result of restoration work carried out in 1610 at the will of Vincenzo Capano t
fifteenth prince of Pollica. Particularly picturesque is the mighty tower with a square plan which stands
on three floors, each with monofora that dominates the small town center. Charming the castle service
environments ("the oil vendor", the oil mill, the guard posts and stables) intact in their simplicity. In the
castle Capano, according to tradition, stayed several times S. Alfonso De’ Liguori that gathered at the
news on Pollica’s pagan habits of the Cilento. A room of the Castle is known as " the room of S. Alfonso.
From 1997 the castle was purchased by city hall.