castelloIn antiquity at the mouth of the stream Mortelle, a little more to the west of the current inhabited, there
was a natural harbor also for vessels of large load, active until the XIV century which possession of the
abbey of Cava De’ Tirreni. It is here that arose in 994 a church dedicated to Santa Maria de li Pluppi,
around which was developed a village of fishermen. Completely destroyed during the warp war ( 1282-
1302), was later rebuilt in the actual seat of Pioppi. The village is mentioned in many books, including
“the passing to Cilento" of Arthur John Strutt and “Travel south" of the famous Giuseppe Ungaretti.

The Vinciprova Castle was built in the XVIII century by the family Ripoli, original Pollica. In 1888 belonged to
Joseph Sodano, mayor of the town, that gave it subsequently to Vinciprova of Omignano, which have
given birth to Leo, one of the thousands famous expedition of Garibaldi. Recently the castle Founded at
the beginning of the seventeenth century to preserve and honor a painting of the Madonna was
considered miraculous.

The influx of pilgrims determined the emergence of a small exhibition in
conjunction with the annual feast that , as was already in use elsewhere, was celebrated on 16 July. The
small church, seriously injured in the earthquake of 1980, was reopened for worship from some years.