Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie



Convent of the Franciscan monks was founded at the behest of the people under the patronage of the
Prince Vincenzo Capano in 1611. Situated in a place of extraordinary, irresistible beauty of the natural
landscape, the factory is developed to a side of the chapel, around the cloister. Inside, the corridor with a
walk between the two rows of cells and connects the various environments of the office. The austere
refectory is embellished by a fresco of hand crafted. The church carries on the right side the bell tower,
which is composed of three orders of different height and each had a single lancet window to all sixth
and another single lancet window to the underlying an oculus. The chapel, built at the beginning of the
XVIII century, is remarkable for the white stucco, masterpiece of the Maestro Pietro Sernicola of Pollica.
It has only one nave, has four altars on each of the side walls in their turn surmounted by two columns
and inserted in large arches adorned with stuccoes by the rich and ornate embroideries. Three altars,
among them, go to top weapons of Capano principles. The iconography is compositional taste popular,
while the paintings on the ceiling at the sides of the entrance have been attributed to Nicola Malinconico
between 1673 and 1721 the school of Luca Giordano and the wooden choir of the XVIII century behind
the altar. The wood ceiling with a lacunar ceiling was the work of Giuseppe Marrocco by Celso and hosts
at the center a canvas depicting an assumed. On the back wall, placed in a niche, surrounded by an
elegant drapery of multicolored stuccos, stands the statue of the Madonna delle Grazie. The Madonna is
at the center of the feast of 2 July and returns to the country brought in solemn procession, preceded,
especially in ancient times, from a sumptuous parade of bearers’ of Cento. They open the procession
holding in equilibrium on the head of the fascinating votive objects and give a note of exciting folklore
for popular piety, the inner values, the donated material of the voting rights or of thanksgiving.