Blue fish festival

Organized by the Pro Loco of Pioppi, the festival takes place on the seafront of the seaside village: Fresh local fish, with a good wine and other typical products of the Cilentan territory. The event has some undisputed primates; It was the first festival ever to be held in Cilento and since 1969 has not known interruptions.


Merit of the goodness of the diet, poor of animal fats and proteins, the quality of life, slow and dignified, of the indisputable rooting of the local population, all that is Cilento seems to guarantee an undisputed longevity to those who cross it. It was at the conclusion of an important international Congress of Cardiology, held at the Vinciprova’s Castle in Pioppi and which emphasized the benefits of consuming blue fish, which was thought to enhance the product and tradition of fishermen. Thus the festival takes place on the seashore, recalling the morning ritual of the return from fishing, the cotton nets set to dry and the breakfast with fresh fish: raw anchovies marinated with oil and bread biscuits directly at the beach. The menu of the festival includes the traditional frying of anchovies and squids, anchovies with mint, pasta with anchovies, risotto alla pescatora,  cannolo cilentano, all washed down by excellent extra virgin olive oil of the Cilento. Anchovies, pasta, oil: Three Excellencies of the Territory from Cilento to Pioppi, heart of the Mediterranean diet.

Period: early September