The first news of Aczarulo – probably derived from “Lazzarolo”, shrub similar to the Hawthorn, date back
to the middle of the XII century.

Acciaroli-Porto (2000x470)

Acciaroli has always constituted an important commercial hub coastal,
until the nineteenth century seat of customs. Among the most important monuments, the church of the
Annunziata overlooks the port and represents one of the most ancient remains of the small village,
despite the numerous restorations, the most recent of 1971.Inside it is also possible to admire some
finds of the roman age reused for the needs of worship. Behind the entrance of the church stands a
tower with a square base, dating back to the beginning of the XII century used up to the Spanish
domination in the defensive system of coastal, is today a private residence.

Along the road from Acciaroli
leads to Pioppi meet, just next to the cliff, the remains of another fortress, known as Tower Caleo, built
in 1520 and fallen into disuse after the Unity of Italy.

Acciaroli is certainly the most locality known of the
municipal territory, due to the important tourist harbor and of the many hotels and restaurants that
there arise around.

Despite has become in recent years a desired destination for the Italian seaside
tourism and tourism of luxury, has managed to maintain its own identity, thanks to balanced
architectural interventions and to the strong presence of a community of fishermen who animate the
field of hospitality and catering.